Last year we could not cut the fish out fast enough! To say that they just swam away is not an exaggeration. If anything they were more popular than the beach huts and they provided some great public art displays along the trail.

Being stopped in the street and asked what the trail theme is this year and then ‘when can I have a blank to start painting?’, is just the greatest feeling. It shows that Kirkcudbright is living up to its name of Artists’ Town. We do receive great interest from schools, townsfolk, clubs and visitors which reinforces the all inclusive philosophy of our Trail.

So put your thinking caps on. Pick up a blank from the Summer Festivities Charity Shop. They are free, or make / knit / sew etc your own. Go down to our working Harbour, look at the Marina …Be inspired. Become a Kirkcudbright Artist, join in the fun.